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Tony & Dee Ioime:  The Lord has richly blessed me over the past few years in ministering to men and women that have been incarcerated.  As I ministered, God  increased my burden to help these people complete their recovery back into society as fruit bearing Christians.

It was a blessing to preach the Gospel and see people accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. Yet, we couldn’t be certain that we would ever see them again, or have peace that through their testimony, they were assured of their salvation..

The next step was discipleship by correspondence course. This was a great experience to review each lesson and write back to an individual on a more personal level. I receive many blessings through prayer requests.  I was even more blessed to hear of God’s answers to specific prayers for family and loved ones. Ultimately the correspondence ended or the person was released and never heard from again.

Time after time, as I would speak at the services, the desire to let the people know the burden God kept pressing upon my heart to  minister on a more frequent, more personal , level was conveyed to each audience.

The one thing that was missing was a bridge to mentor those that enter back into society (the world). What a blessing it has been to be in prayer for two years and have the Lord bring Gary and Tina Major to our Church through the Reformer Unanimous Ministry. I know God brought us together!  Gary & Tina’s burden for people was evident in the sacrifice they made of themselves that led to their burden to start this ministry. 

Building Bridges is the connection that was missing! My wife and I are so excited as we await God’s richest blessings through this ministry.

It is a most exciting time to start mentoring those that are awaiting their release from  the physical bondage of a building, into the spiritual temptation that awaits in the world.  Having personally lived in the bondage of addiction and inflicting pain on those I loved as a youth, I now desire to help others experience the joy of the Lord and helping them raise godly families for His Heavenly Kingdom. It is only through the power of God that this can be accomplished.

Our hope, through Christ Jesus, is to show these people that they can overcome the spiritual bondage that leads to physical addictions and ultimately destructive lives. Our hope is to see them convert their families and lead a Christ honoring life.

Paul & Molly Beeman

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